Fishing Area May Close Because of Vandalism

<p>Naches River fishing area</p>

Naches River fishing area

A popular fishing area in Yakima may be closed permanently because of vandalism.
    The department of transportation says people keep damaging irrigation pipes next to the Naches River along Highway 12.
    The D.O.T. put up "no trespassing signs" to keep the vandals away, but fishermen complained.
    So now the agency wants your help in catching people destroying property.
    If that doesn't work, the D.O.T. says it might have to close the area for good.
"It's anger as much as a little disappointment because we built a project, we have a nice area, a nice common area for people to use and the actions of a few is going to take it away from everybody if we can't limit that from happening," says Craig Broadhead of the D.O.T.
The agency will put up more signs asking people to protect the area.
    Authorities say if you see anyone destroying property there, call the Yakima County Sheriff's office.