New Veteran's House in Kennewick Opens Today

Homeless Vets House

Homeless Vets House

A home in Kennewick that houses up to seven homeless veterans was officially opened today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Washington State Attorney General was at the ceremony, and he said it is important to never forget the men and women who have served our country.

"What people forget is that these guys are homeless not helpless," McKenna said. "If their just given a hand up, they can get their lives going in the right direction."

The project is supported by the Columbia Basin Veterans Coalition with help from several companies and services across the Tri-Cities.

Up to seven veterans can live at the house and certain services are provided to help the homeless vets get back on their feet.

Denny Enyeart, Vietnam Veteran, said he became homeless about six years ago, and this house is getting his life back in order.

"I'm feeling very, very thankful for this house, for the coalition and for all the people in this community that have had the heart and the love to give to the veterans." Enyeart said.

Each veteran is allowed to stay in the house for up to two years, and any veteran is eligible to stay there.