Prosser girl with incurable disorder heads to Hollywood

<p>Sofia Martinez</p>

Sofia Martinez

If you spent just five minutes with Sofia Martinez, you wouldn't know she was suffering from an incurable disorder.

The nine and a half year old is playful, full of life and tomorrow, she is taking a three day trip to Hollywood to see the stars.

"I'm going to be going shopping of course, cuz I do love shopping, and I'm going to be walking around and seeing all the sights of Hollywood" said Martinez.

The soon to be second grader is going on the trip with her mom, Rene Satterfield, and younger sister, Isabella Martinez, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Martinez has a rare, incurable neurological disorder, called Batten Disease.

This trip is one of her wishes.

"Her life expectancy we hope to be into her 20s. But it's a progressive disorder where she will lose her eyesight, she will then have seizures, she will then become immobile and have hallucinations" said Satterfield.

Martinez does her school work with the help of a large magnifier.

Even her computer has a massive zoom tool.

She also has a special pen that identifies objects - like the color of pencils.

But none of that gets her down.

Instead, Martinez is looking forward to the Hollywood trip, where she'll meet the cast of the Disney show, "Good Luck Charlie".

By the way, she knows all the actors by name.

"Bradley Steven Perry, and Bridgit Mendler, Jason Dolly, and Mia Talerico" said Martinez.

And the disorder isn't putting a handicap on the family either.

The three are closer than ever, seeing clearly their love for each other.

"The little things, we just don't get bogged down in that, and we just try to enjoy the time and quality of life that we have" said Satterfield.

Martinez says she has two more wishes after her Hollywood trip.

She wants to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.

And she wants to go to Hawaii so she can swim with the dolphins.

About 750 children in America currently suffer from Batten Disease.