Fireworks go on sale in WA tomorrow



The 4th of July is a week away, and fireworks go on sale across Washington state tomorrow.

But fireworks can't just be set off anywhere.

Firefighters say there are certain rules local residents need to follow to ensure safety while setting them off.

The Johnson family from Richland has been looking forward to this week all year long.

The family has been selling fireworks at a stand in West Richland for more than 10 years, and tomorrow, sales for 2011 begin.

"We make some money. We have two kids in college and so primarily we use this to kind of subsidize their going to school" said Stan Johnson.

The family, along with other firework sellers, spent today unloading fireworks from boxes and setting them up in their small shops.

"We have everything from the aerials that you can shoot off, to little snakes. So we have everything in between, regular fountains, cakes, the whole nine yards" said Johnson.

But if you do plan to purchase fireworks this year, there are some rules and regulations to keep in mind before setting them off.

For example, not every local county and city allows the use of fireworks.

Firefighters say a good rule of thumb is to only set off fireworks in the city you buy them in.

"If you buy them here in West can't take them into Richland, over to Kennewick, that kind of stuff" said Cpt. Ed Dunbar, Benton County Fire District #4.

Certain types of fireworks are allowed in Richland, West Richland, Benton City, Grandview and Walla Walla.

Fireworks are banned in Kennewick, Prosser, Pasco, Yakima and Ellensburg.

Firefighters say if you're legally allowed to set off fireworks, do so with safety in mind.

"Aways have a garden hose nearby. You wanna do them either in the street or in a concrete driveway. Not in the middle of a dry, brown field, those kinds of things" said Cpt. Dunbar.

You can purchase and set off fireworks in parts of Benton County through July 6th at noon.

For a complete list of Washington cities and counties with bans and restrictions, click here.

The firefighters we talked with today said they don't plan to have any extra crews scheduled to work during the next week.

But they say firefighters are all on extra alert.