Fatal House Fire in West Richland

Flames flew sky high in a house fire early this morning that killed a mother of three children in West Richland on the 700 block of South 45th Avenue.

Sandy St. George was in the back of the house in her bedroom when the fire broke out around 5:00 A.M. this morning; and she was not able to get out.

Responders from the Benton County Fire Department found St. George's husband Thomas in the front having trouble breathing; he was sent to Kadlec Medical Center in Richland and was treated for smoke inhalation.

The couple's three children were at a friend's house last night, and are now with family.

Most of the neighborhood was woken up by loud blasts caused by the fire that shook some of the neighbors' homes.

Rex Gold lives up the street from the St. George's, and he said the fire was huge.

"We went over to the window and looked out and there was a major fire," Gold said. "It looked like atleast 40 feet high."

Nicci Hughes lives around the corner from the St. George's and she said Sandy St. George was a model neighbor.

"Sandy, she was just a very nice lady, you'd walk by and she'd wave to you, stop and talk to you...[she] always had her dog."

The West Richland Police Department is investigating the incident, and will not release information regarding the cause of the fire.

An autopsy by the Benton County Coroner is scheduled for Monday.