Shelter for homeless teens opens in Kennewick

<p>Teen Homeless Shelter</p>

Teen Homeless Shelter

Homeless teens in the Tri-Cities now have a new place to stay at night.

Today, community members opened a new overnight shelter at the Safe Harbor Crisis Nursery in Kennewick.

This is the area's only state-licensed shelter for teens.

The center can house up to 16 teenagers each night.

Volunteers will provide meals, showers, laundry and food.

They'll also offer family reconciliation services, education programs and job training to help teens get back on their feet and stay out of trouble.

"It's not only an act of essential kindness to these kids, it's a step toward community security because that's when criminality starts. When teenagers have no relationship or a broken relationship with their family, they get into trouble" said Clifford Brown, My Friends Place.

Volunteers say there are hundreds of homeless teens in the Tri-Cities.