Jose Garcia-Morales Sentenced to 66 Years

<p>Jose Garcia Morales Sentencing</p>

Jose Garcia Morales Sentencing

Jose Garcia-Morales was sentenced to more than 66 years today for his involvement in the murder and shooting of a husband and wife in Pasco in 2008.

Morales was convicted of the crimes two weeks ago, and was back in court today to hear his sentence.

While Judge Carrie Runge tried get through the hearing, Morales continued to interrupt with verbal outburst in Spanish that made it difficult to continue.

Runge asked Morales to stop speaking out of turn about five times before she called for a brief recess.

After coming back from the recess, it only took a couple of minutes for Morales to continue speaking out of turn.

A second recess was called, and Morales was moved to the soundproof media room to stop the hearing from being interrupted.

Morales was brought back into the courtroom after the victims' impact statements were read, just in time for his sentence to be handed down.

Morales interrupted a few more times, but was ultimately given a sentence of 66 years for first degree murder, first degree assault and a few other weapons charges.

Terry Bloor, Benton County Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor, said he was surprised by Morales' actions in court Wednesday.

"I'm very disappointed in how self centered he was," Bloor said. "How little remorse he had for his role in the murder of a fine gentleman and the crippling of a wonderful woman."

Morales' brother Ramon received a 67 year sentence for his role in the murder.