Liquor Board Releases Results of Store Auctions

The Liquor Control Board released on Monday the dollar amount each of the state run liquor stores sold for on Friday.

The license for the liquor store in Kennewick on Columbia Center Boulevard was sold for the highest amount in our area at $295,100.

Voters approved Initiative 1183 in November which took the state out of the liquor business.

People had a chance to purchase the liquor licenses through an online auction that started more than a month ago.

As part of the initiative, only businesses bigger than 10,000 square feet can sell liquor, however the purchased license will give the owner the right to sell liquor at that address regardless of the building's size.

Here is a list of the what some of the licenses sold for on Friday:

Kennewick, Columbia Center Blvd. $295,100

Kennewick, Kennewick Ave. $200,100

Richland, George Washington Way $87,100

Pasco, Court Street $215,100

Pasco, Road 68 $80,100

Walla Walla, $180,400

Yakima, Nob Hill $201,100

Yakima, Fair Ave. $153,600

Yakima, Summitview $150,100