Storm causes major damage at Kennewick home

<p>Tree Smashed Into Home</p>

Tree Smashed Into Home

Some homeowners in our area are spending today cleaning up the huge mess left by last night's massive storm.

Most of the debris from yesterday's storm has been cleared from roads and driveways.

But perhaps the worst damage of the night is still very visible at a Kennewick home, where a large tree smashed down onto the house.

The people living there say they are lucky to be alive.

Michael Eisele was enjoying a night at home with his daughter Annabelle last night, when a large tree smashed into his house during a storm.

"I thought it was a tornado or something. It was crazy" said Eisele.

The dead tree fell on his home while wind gusts of more than 50 miles an hour swept through the Tri-Cities.

The tree crushed the roof of Eisele's one-year-old daughter's room.

The weight put a hole through the ceiling right above the crib where Annabelle was sleeping.

"I just turned around and went right back into Annabelle's room, grabbed her up and went out over to across the street" said Eisele.

Residents from across the region snapped pictures of the thunder storm, and sent them to us through Twitter.

There haven't been any reports of physical injury, but some residents reported power outages.

"I was right here inside my house and all of the sudden, I started hearing stuff hit my windows, which I assumed was leaves and stuff. And these guys had a yard sale the other day, and all their stuff was blowing across the street" said Robert Constanineau, Kennewick resident.

"It was very scary. We kind of just stayed inside and stayed together until it was all over with" said Leigh Beirley, Kennewick resident.

Eisele says he's not sure when the tree will get cleaned up.

He says all he can do is take it one day at a time, and stay thankful that nobody got hurt.

"We're getting through it and we'll see what we can do. And we'll go from there" said Eisele.

Most residents we spoke with today said the most frightening part of last night's storm is that it came out of nowhere.

Eisele and his family of six children are staying at a hotel until the damage to the house can be repaired.