Autistic Child Denied Free Haircut

Krista Archibald's 10 year old son Grayson- went for a free haircut yesterday at the Kennewick JCPenney.

The boy's nanny took her son into the salon, sat him down, and explained to the stylist, that Grayson has special needs.

Krista Archibald claims the stylist refused to cut her son's hair..

"I was disgusted that somebody would treat another human being like that they would be so judgmental and that they would do it to a child someone that can't defend themselves- children can't defend themselves anyways let alone a child with special needs." says Archibald.

Grayson is autistic and completely non-verbal but has received regular haircuts at another salon for the last 7 years- Archibald says there has never been a problem.

Archibald says her son likes haircuts and the only gesture he made while sitting in the chair was covering his ears- to block out some of the noise.

A personal injury attorney we contacted says if a business has a reasonable reason to withhold services they are within their rights- but if they dont have a good reason, it could be discrimination.

The management at JCPenney refereed us to corporate headquarters -- it has not returned our call for a comment.

Archibald says now, it's not a free haircut she wants - it's an apology .

"I'm not sure what I want to hear I'm not sure they can really make the situation right."

Krista Archibald says she has been offered another free haircut from JCPenney but refuses to bring her son in again.

Managers at the JCPenney hair salon did say they are aware of the situation and will be handling it appropriately.