Llama Rescued From Canal

Llama rescued from canal

Llama rescued from canal

6 year old Milagro is all dry today  and one lucky llama- after getting stuck in an irrigation canal behind his home in Kennewick.
 Vance Hall, Melagro's owner- still can't believe what he heard when he got up yesterday morning.

 "I woke up and my uncle started yelling at me- your llamas in your canal we have to hurry over to your house and I was just kinda freaking out-like how did that happen?" says Vance Hall.

Hall says they recently took down the fence in their backyard- and hadn't had time to put it back up again.
But thought big trees would be enough to keep his three llamas out of danger.

The llama wandered up to the canal from the backyard and when crews arrived they found the llama neck deep in water.

It  took crews from the Columbia Basin Dive Team and the Kennewick Police Department nearly an hour to get him out.
Divers say its not uncommon for animals to fall into canals- but a llama is a definite first.

 "Its very unique- we had a moose last year in Franklin County- typically were saving somebody in a canoe or an overturned raft so its kinda nice to go out there and help an animal cuz they couldn't have got out without somebody helping them," says Diver Scott Ruppelius.

   The llama's name, Milagro, translates to miracle in Spanish and Vance Hall says the more he thinks about it- the more he believes his lllama -- and the rescue is indeed, a miracle.

"I dunno its just kinda weird cuz he got out without a scratch- just perfectly fine."