Crews Transform Yakima Into Cougar-Ville

<p>Crews Painting Cougar Stripes</p>

Crews Painting Cougar Stripes

Crews from the City of Yakima were busy coloring the town crimson and gray this morning.

It's part of the U Rule Yakima fundraiser, put on by the Rotary Club.

People were asked to donate 20 dollars and vote for the Cougars or the Huskies -- the Cougs came out on top.

Crews painted Yakima Avenue with stripes of crimson and gray, and hung flags throughout town.

Rotary members say they hope more people turn out for next year's u rule yakima contest.

"We would love to find another way to do this in the future," said Rotary Board member Doug Picatti, "It was a great way to involve lots of people in the community, have fun within Yakima. We're very happy with the support that we received from the city and local officials to make it possible to do all the things we did here."

The contest raised over $2,800s -- that money will go to local charities.