Union Gap Mayor Is Now Council Member

<p>Union Gap City Hall</p>

Union Gap City Hall

Former Union Gap Mayor Jim Lemon is now officially the city's  8th council member.

The change took effect last week when Lemon's city-issued cell phone was disconnected, along with his authority over staff.

City officials say the trespass notice against the former Mayor also expired last Friday, allowing him to enter city offices again.

Lemon says his role may have changed with the city, but his vision for the city has not.

"I'm going to continue opposing things that I don't agree with, regardless if I'm a council member," said Lemon, "And if the rest of the council doesn't like me because of that, then there's really nothing i can do about that."

"He's acting accordingly as a council member, he's contacting me for information relative to city council packets and some of the decisions that the city is making," said City Administrator Chris Jensen, "And he's doing that as a council member, and he's doing that professionally and respectfully."

Lemon still had 3 years left on his term as mayor -- that will be served as a council member.