Graffiti Greets Ballet Goers

RIchland Graffiti

RIchland Graffiti

Hundreds of people who went to Richland High School over the weekend to watch performances the Mid-Columbia ballet's "Nutcracker" were greet by profanity-laced graffiti.

Outside the school's theater are two so-called "spirit rocks" that were covered in paint and profanity.
The school district tells us the rocks are there for students, either from Richland, or other schools, to write or paint on.  The goal being to minimize graffiti on the school buildings.

However, district officials are disappointed that vandals sprayed the rocks with swear words -- when hundreds of Tri-Cities residents, including many children, were on campus for a holiday family event.

The Richland School District spends about 10-thousand dollars per year cleaning up graffiti on school campuses.