Police Employee Tased

<p>Richland Employee Tased</p>

Richland Employee Tased

An employee at the Richland Police Department wanted her co-workers to donate to charity so much, she agreed to be shocked by a taser gun.  The records specialist challenged her fellow employees, telling them she'd take the taser if half of them donated to the United Way.

Two officers held Amanda Donahoe to a mat as she was tased for three seconds.  She says it felt like three  days.

Donahoe made the bet, because historically donations to the United Way by the Richland Police Department are very low with only 1 to 2 percent of employees contributing.  She told the staff if 50 percent or more donated she would allow herself to be tased and yesterday she lived up to her end of the bargain.

Donahoe says being tased was awful, but she says it was worth it.  About 40 of the department's 70 employees donated to the United Way raising about $4000 dollars.  All of that money will go to local charities.