Richland High School students donate gifts to children

<p>Richland H.S. Donation</p>

Richland H.S. Donation

About a dozen Richland High School students donate more than 100 gifts to less-fortunate children today, but the children will most likely never be able to thank the students.

The high school students dropped off the gifts at a couple of elementary and middle schools.

Most of the gifts went to Marcus Whitman Elementary School this morning.

The gifts weren't given to the children today.

Instead, the high schoolers just dropped off bags full of gifts in an empty classroom.

Then, parents of the students will come by and pick up the bags, and they'll give the gifts to their children - as if the gifts were from them.

"Your parents are your heroes, and it's just overwhelming to know the parents are giving their kids what they're supposed to give them every year. So the kids are gonna think, 'oh, my parents are my hero.' and they're never gonna forget about this" said Brandie Kulmus, Richland H.S. senior.

The gift donation was organized by Richland High School's Executive Council - Brandie Kulmus led this project.

The high school students worked with the elementary and middle schools to identify students who needed help this holiday season.

Then, the parents of those children wrote out a wish list of gifts.

And many classrooms and administrators at Richland High School adopted the children to buy them the gifts on their lists.

This is the second year the Richland High School leadership students have made this type of donation.