State Supreme Court: Legislature Failing on Education $$

<p>Washington Legislature</p>

Washington Legislature

SEATTLE (AP) -- The Washington Supreme Court says the state Legislature isn't making enough progress toward finding more money for K-12 education.
In an order filed Thursday, the court says the Legislature's first report on its efforts to answer the McCleary decision fails to show the progress the Supreme Court is looking for.
In January, the court ruled the state of Washington is failing to meet its constitutional duty to pay for basic education. The Supreme Court has given the Legislature until 2018 to fix the problem, but it wants to see yearly reports that "demonstrate steady progress."
In this week's response to the  first progress report, Chief Justice Barbara Madsen writes that the next report, due right after lawmakers finish their work in 2013, needs to show how the Legislature will meet its deadline and what it has done so far.