Kittitas County Sheriff Increasing School Security

The Kittitas Coiunty Sheriff's office says it is taking steps to inceaase security in the county's schools. The following is a release issued by that office today:


Law Enforcement has increased security in Kittitas County Schools.

Each of the law enforcement jurisdictions in Kittitas County began this process almost immediately following this recent tragedy and additional Officers were visible in or near the schools.

Following a meeting with staff members yesterday morning, the Sheriff approved a program to permanently increase security in the county schools. Supervisors have been directed to insure the county schools are patrolled during session and during school sponsored events. Patrol schedules and Deputies will be will be varied to prevent predictability.

In addition to the increased patrols, the Sheriff has directed that some of our resources from the 3/10 criminal justice tax monies be directed towards improving safety for our students. Sheriff's staff will be working with our state and municipal law enforcement partners and school officials on proposals for improving safety.

The safety of our children and those who teach them is one of our highest priorities. The School Boards, Superintendents, Principals and Staff in every school district in Kittitas County have always pushed to provide the best safety programs and have supported law enforcement's efforts. One of the greatest benefits of this county is the cooperation between our schools and our emergency responders.