Last-minute shoppers pack stores

<p>Columbia Center Mall</p>

Columbia Center Mall

We're just hours away from Christmas morning, but thousands of shoppers are still looking for last minute gifts.

The Columbia Center Mall in Kennewick has been packed with people all day.

Some shoppers say today was the first day they got a chance to hit the stores, while others say they simply forget about some gifts.

Burbank's Sheena Kanyid thought she was done with her Christmas shopping a few days ago - but that changed this morning.

Every Christmas, Kanyid gets some pajamas for her daughter - who opens them up on Christmas Eve and wears them Christmas day.

But this year, Kanyid forgot.

"Everything else is done, except for the pajamas, and she goes, 'wonder what kind of jammies I'm getting this year?' And I went, I'll be right back" said Kanyid.

With just hours to go until Christmas Day, last minute shoppers packed stores across our region to get those final items on their holiday lists.

"Just getting out and trying to find the right gift, find what's right" said Cody McCary, shopper.

The Columbia Center Mall saw a steady flow of customers all day.

"And for some people, this isn't just last-minute. This is just what they do every year. This is their day to shop" said Patricia Bardin, Columbia Center Mall.

And store managers at the mall say the rush only got bigger as the day progressed.

"Hour by hour is getting a lot busier. So I think everybody kind of slept in in the morning, and then, they're kind of ready to come finish up the last little bit" said Courtney Hamilton, Apricot Lane.

Meredith and Joey Zamora bought some gifts for their baby this morning.

They say they waited until the last day because they wanted to keep their gifts a secret.

"The baby of the bunch, he would've gone through all the bags, so we waited till today" said Meredith Zamora.

Most shoppers say even though they waited until the last minute, they got what they wanted.

Kanyid found the pajamas she forgot about, and is now ready to relax for the holiday.

"That's right. It's gonna be a great Christmas. Absolutely" said Kanyid.

The Columbia Center Mall closes at 6 PM tonight.

Walmart is open until 8 PM.

Target is open until 9 PM.