Busey Intends to Fullfill Obligations

In a letter to the Richland School District, Superintendent Jim Busey says he intends to devote his full-time efforts to fulfilling his contractual obligations.

Busey is on paid leave while the district investigates allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a school district staff member.

In the letter, Busey says he plans to retire at the end of his contract in June of 2015 and that any offers or quick settlements are unacceptable.  Board President Rick Jansons disputes Busey's claim that any buy out offer has been made.

Busey also says the only issue is whether the board will allow and support him to carry on as superintendent.

Last week, the school board appointed Rich Puryear as acting superintendent while Busey is on leave.

Puryear has served as the executive director of financial services since 2000.