Dancing Christmas Fountain

   A West Richland man has taken Christmas decorating to a whole new level.
    Scott Schneider describes himself as a self-styled electrical engineer and Christmas light enthusiast.
    And he's been busy for more than a year building what he calls a Bellagio-inspired dancing water fountain display.
    Schneider says it cost him less than $700.00 to make the apparatus and can be used in freezing temperatures, without heated materials nor any chemicals.
    "It's been a hobby most of my life.. but i'm hoping someday to pursue it as a career. The goal to it was I had to make it cheap, I had to build it to survive in freezing weather, and it had to also be portable and easy to tear down and set up," said Schneider.
    He says his idea might have even payed off.
    He found some spare change at the bottom of his three pools in the past few days, just like you would find in any other fountain.