Pasco Police Identify At Large Suspect From Yesterday's Shooting

From the Pasco Police-


Pasco Police Department
For Immediate Release



December 26, 2012

(12/27/12)   Pasco Police have tentatively identified Fernando Jesus Loera as the person involved in yesterday’s shooting at 10th and Lewis Street Mini Mart.    Fernando Loera is 21 years old and last known address is in Pasco.  He also is a registered sex offender and a known gang member.  Police continue at this hour searching for him and the vehicle that he was driving.     If anyone observes him please contact police immediately.  He is considered to be armed and dangerous.   Information concerning this incident has been forwarded to the Franklin County Prosecutor for arrest warrants.

(12/26/12)  At about approximately noon today Pasco Police responded to a reported shooting in the parking lot of the 10th and Lewis Street Mini Mart.    Officer learned that two Pasco men had pulled into the lot, to place air in a tire of a vehicle, in which they were traveling in at the time.   A second vehicle pulled into the mini mart at about the same time which is being described as a late 80’s early nineties Chevy Silverado extended cab truck with chrome wheels.  Additionally the vehicle is described as being blue-silver in color.   The vehicle was occupied by a Hispanic male and female.

While the individuals were in the lot the two groups engaged each other with verbal exchanges.   During the verbal argument the driver of the truck pulled out a small caliber handgun and began firing towards the two Pasco men.  One of whom was struck in the leg by one of the bullets.   The second individual was not struck.