Bird watchers prepare to document different species tomorrow

<p>Bird Watching</p>

Bird Watching

Bird watchers in the Tri-Cities are getting ready to wake up early tomorrow to see what species of birds are flying around our area.

Tomorrow, members of the Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society are holding their annual Christmas Bird Count.

They'll spend the day looking for birds, and documenting what species they find, and how many birds there are in the Tri-Cities.

The event started out as a hobby for bird watchers, but became a post-Christmas tradition in 1968.

"As the number of counts have increased, the amount of data that has been collected has been a phenomenal source of information about where birds have been moving to, where birds are less-found, or more birds are found" said William Barchet, count coordinator.

The count starts tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM.

Anybody can participate.

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