A Dog-Gone Good Day

<p>Good Day for Dogs</p>

Good Day for Dogs

        About six-dozen dogs at the Benton-Franklin Humane Society will soon have a lot more room to roam -- they'll have a newly built dog-run, thanks to a generous donor.
        For the approximately 70 dogs at the private no-kill shelter located in Kennewick, running free has never been an option. English Pointer, Red (seen here), has spent the last few months on a leash each time he was outdoors.  
        Now thanks to $5,000.00 from a local woman who wants to remain anonymous, the facility can finish the dog-run project that was started more than a year ago, and man's best friend gets a little bit  more play time.
        "To see how generous the community was to get us in the existing building, and then to have one our donors come out to an event... We talked to her about the need for the run, the socialization of the animals, for them to have space to run and play.  It was huge and then a couple of weeks later to get the check in the mail to cover the cost of finishing the the dog run was huge, says fundraising coordinator Rozanne Tucker."
         The dog-run will be finished in early spring after adding several agility training devices, which keeps things interesting for the animals.  They're also planning to add pea gravel and wood chips to the run area, which dogs love to dig into, along with shade coverings to protect the animals from the summer heat.
        The Benton-Franklin Humane Society's new facility in Kennewick has been operational since just May of this year.