Fatal bus crash survivor describes the accident

<p>Fatal Bus Accident</p>

Fatal Bus Accident

One of the survivors from yesterday's fatal bus accident on Interstate 84 near Pendleton speaks out about the crash today.

22 year-old Berlyn Sanderson from Vancouver, British Columbia says the crash was the worst thing that's ever happened to her.

She says she was on the bus with her mom and a friend for a 9-day vacation to California from Canada.

But on the way back home, on the last day of the vacation, the trip ended early and turned into a nightmare.

Sanderson describes the tragedy as "kind of like a dream of the world ending".

She didn't want to speak on camera, but says she was trying to sleep yesterday morning, when the charter bus she was a passenger on began drifting off the road due to the icy conditions.

She believes the driver turned the the wheel to the right, and the bus went off the road.

Sanderson says while the bus rolled down a hill, she was ejected through a window.

She and 39 other passengers survived the crash, but 9 died.

The survivors were taken to several hospitals - most went to St. Anthony in Pendleton.

A hospital spokesperson there says the facility was overwhelmed with people.

"I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before, no. Very sad, very sad" said Larry Blanc, St. Anthony Hospital.

Yesterday and today, some of the injured passengers were released from the Pendleton hospital.

Many went to the Pendleton Convention Center, where the Red Cross has set up a disaster relief site.

"If they need any of the Red Cross services, they come here and we're able to provide them with any food, clothing, if they have any other needs, we have mental health professionals available, we have some RNs. So any of the needs that they have, we're able to help them out" said Casey White-Zollman, American Red Cross.

Now, those who have been released are searching for their families.

Many of the people on the bus are Korean, and some don't speak English, so re-uniting has been a challenge.

"Folks are very upset. They just want to get reconnected and know that their family is ok" said Cara Sloman, American Red Cross.

Sanderson who was on the bus with her friend and her mom says thankfully, they're alright.

She hopes they can all safely head back home to Canada as soon as possible.