Disposing Of Unused Fireworks



A few cities in Yakima County allow residents to use legal fireworks, but after the 4th the party's over .

Now, there are leftover fireworks that need to be disposed of.

Fireworks do have a shelf life, and experts say they shouldn't be saved for months, or till next fourth of July.

And, unused fireworks pose a serious fire hazard if they are just tossed in the garbage.             

Police officers say the safest way to dispose of unused fireworks is with water.

'Get a tub or a bucket and fill it full of water- immerce fireworks- so there is enough water so they are all covered and let them sit for couple of hours, if you want a day or two- and thats how we get rid of the ones we seize here, " says Captain Curt Ruggles.

Unused fireworks should not be stored in direct sunlight or inside your home or garage.