Toddler Accidentally Locked In Toy Chest Dies

<p>Harborview Medical Center</p>

Harborview Medical Center

A Yakima toddler died today, a week after she was accidentally locked in a toy chest.

Police say 3 year old Ta'leona Clair was with her father Lupe Macias at a home on  Browne avenue.

The child was put to bed in her room, but apparently got out of bed and climbed into the toy chest.

Macias found his daughter the next morning trapped inside, she was transported to Children's Hospital in Seattle, and taken off life support today.

Police are calling this a terrible accident, but say the box was inappropriate for toys.

"The box was purchased maybe a craftstore and it had been made into a toy box, obviously it wasn't something that should have been used for that purpose because of the locking mechanism that was on the outside," says Captain Rod Light.

The child's mother claims Ta'leona was autistic and couldn't communicate that she was in trouble.

Police do not expect any charges will be filed.