Report reveals which supermarkets sell meat with "pink slime"

The federal government says it's safe, but the debate over "pink slime" in ground beef in some schools, and now we're finding out, in grocery stores, continues to make headlines.

According to a recent report, some supermarkets are refusing to sell beef containing the so called slime, but not all.

A report by The Daily - which is an electronic newspaper for iPads from News Corp. - more than half a dozen supermarket chains around the country sell store-ground meat with "pink slime".

The stores in our area that are on that list are Target, Safeway, Wal Mart and Albertson's.

WinCo and Fred Meyer stores are also on a list of companies that sell pre-packaged ground beef containing pink slime from other suppliers.

The slime - which is technically called "lean finely textured beef" -  is a filler made from beef renderings, treated with ammonia hydroxide.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it is safe.

A company spokesperson from WinCo, Michael Read, says their stores are completely "pink slime" free.

"We have checked with all of our suppliers that ship fresh meat product to the stores, and they have all verified to us that they do not use that in their processing. And consequently, none of our fresh meat product contains this so called "pink slime"" said Read.

More than half a dozen other supermarkets made the list of companies that do not use "pink slime" at all according to The Daily.

The only local store on that list is Costco.

Food labels do not say if "pink slime" is in packaged meat or not - but if the label says USDA Organic, you can be certain there is no slime inside.

Reports say "pink slime" is in about 70% of all ground meat sold in supermarkets.

Below is a complete list of supermarkets mentioned in The Daily's report:

No "pink slime":

A&P, Whole Foods, Costco, Publix, H-E-B, Waldbaum's, Price Chopper.

No "pink slime" in store-ground meat, but sells pre-packaged ground beef from other suppliers that contains the product:

Jewel-Osco, Kroger, Food Lion, WinCo, Fred Meyer.

Sells meat with "pink slime":

Target, BJ's, Hy-Vee, Safeway, Wal Mart, Albertson's, Stop & Shop, Zaycon Foods.


Fred Meyer also sent us a list of ground beef options they offer without "pink slime":

Private Selection Angus Ground Beef 90%

Private Selection All Natural Ground Beef 93% lean 

Private Selection Organic Ground Beef 90% Lean.

Store made Ground Beef from store trimmings prepared in store.

85% Ground Chili Meat

All 1 & 3LB 80%, 85% and 93% Ground Beef Chub Rolls

5LB 73% Ground Beef Chub Rolls