PNWU First Graduation

Pasco's Jaime Klippert is finishing up her last few days as a medical student at the Pacific Northwest University of Heath Sciences before beginning her career as a doctor. She realized what she wanted to be after volunteering five years ago for a hospital in Guatemala.

"Finally realized after six weeks that my calling was medicine and thats how I wanted to serve others for the rest of my life," says Jaime.

This Saturday the school's fourth year students will walk down the aisle during  the university's first graduation ceremony since opening in 2008.

"The fact that this is our first graduation there will only always be one first graduating class so these pioneering students that came here to fill up this first class have been very special to us," says interim President Lloyd Butler.

Jaime along with 68 of her classmates will soon be taking what they have learned in the classroom and applying it into the real world as official doctors.

"It can be a lot on your plate and sometimes its overwhelming, and I would say thats been the hardest thing but the best thing to because I have realized how much I can accomplish in a day," says Klippert.

After graduation Jaime Klippert will be specializing in family medicine in Puyallip, but says putting the title Dr in front of her name hasn't quite hit her yet.

 "It's been a long time coming I've been in since kindergarten so this is my first official graduation into the real world so its a little bit surreal."