Walla Walla Buzzing Over New York Store Shooting

New York Store Shooting

New York Store Shooting

Some people in Walla Walla say the city is divided about a shooting that left a burglar dead.

The Walla Walla County Sheriff's office said Cesar Chavira, 22, was shot and killed by New York Store owner John Saul on May 4th after Chavira had broken into the store.

The Sheriff's Office has not completed its investigation, and has not released details that would show whether Chavira was shot inside or outside of the store.

Since the shooting, Chavira's family and friends have been rallying outside of the store asking for Saul to be put in jail for his actions.

Tony Munoz, Chavira's brother, said he knows that his brother made a mistake but he should not have lost his life over it.

"We just want justice, and, we're gonna fight," Munoz said. "This could be for anyone's kid...it's terrible it happened to us, but it could've happened to anybody."

A group of John Saul's friends have started to talk about a rally in support of the longtime business owner this Saturday.

Brian Fullen, 33, said there needs to be people that are standing up for Saul as well, because he was just trying to protect himself.

"A career criminal broke into his home, he didn't know he was a career criminal," Fullen said. "But he protected himself and his livelihood and his business."

A rally has been planned for this Saturday, May 19th outside of New York Store on Isaacs Avenue.

Saul and his lawyer have called the Walla Walla Police to tell them they do not support the rally, and only believe it will make things worse.

Chavira's friends and family have another rally on Monday the 21st at 6:00 P.M. at the same spot.