Voters Narrowly Approving Same-Sex Marriage

Gay Pride March

Gay Pride March

Washington voters are narrowly approving same-sex marriage in the state.

With about half of the expected vote counted tonight, Referendum 74 is passing with 52% of the vote.

The referendum asked voters to approve or reject the state's new law legalizing same-sex marriage.

Tonight, members of the Vista Youth Center in Kennewick gathered to watch the election numbers roll out.

They say they are cautiously optimistic about the referendum passing.

"Well, we won't know the official thing for a couple days. And I'm really excited and I hope that it passes. And as a volunteer for Washington United, and at Vista Youth Center, I really hope this passes" said Crystal Gilson, R-74 supporter.

Yakima Archdiocese Bishop Joseph Tyson had asked churches in Central Washington to raise money in the fight against the referendum over two months ago.

Bishop Tyson says the outcome of this election will not change the churches views on marriage.

"Regardless of how this turns out, we will continue to uplift marriage between a man and a woman. And putting that out in the public forum and the marketplace of ideas. And that's what makes this a great, great state, and a great place to be bishop," said Bishop Tyson.

So far, in Benton and Yakima Counties, 65% of voters are against same sex marriage.

In Franklin County, 70% of voters are against it.