Kennewick Ready for Snow

<p>Kennewick Salt</p>

Kennewick Salt

With overnight (Thursday-Friday) temperatures forecast to drop below freezing, the city of Kennewick is stocked up and ready for ice or snow on the roads.

City crews have 9 plows and 3 de-icers stocked and ready to hit the streets.  The city also has 800-tons of salt ready to go on ice and snow covered roads.

They have prioritized Kennewick's 670 miles of road.  They'll first clear thoroughfares most needed by emergency services.   "We do our best to prioritize and our guys don't stop plowing. But it's a lot of road so be patient," says Martin Nelson, Kennewick's assistant city engineer.

City crews recommend drivers be prepared for snow, be patient, and when the snow does arrive, don't drive if unless you absolutely have to.