Teenager Comes To Class With A Gunshot Wound



Students from Kittitas Secondary School file out after being on lockdown for more than two hours this morning.

They sat and waited while authorities tried to figure out how their classmate was shot.

"You see it on the news, and you're like oh man I feel bad for the people that must have known that person, what could be going through their heads? You really don't know what to think. It's litterally a shock," said Senior Reed Morgan.

Friends tell us the 17 year old Senior is Chance Kidder.

He was hospitalized this morning, after coming to school with a gunshot wound to the right side of his chest.

Kidder originally told authorities the wound came from an unknown adult man in a neighborhood east of the school grounds.

But later today, the sheriff's department was able to determine that Kidder had in fact shot himself in a barn at his house at about 9 am.

He walked almost two blocks just to get to school, where he then sat in class and students noticed blood coming down his arm.

That's when teachers notified authorities, and both schools were placed in lockdown.

"Law enforcement moved, set up a permiter around that area, and began a search," said Undersheriff Clay Myers.

That search has now been called off---meanwhile, Reed Morgan says the reality of seeing his classmate hurt it is still hitting him.

"It's literally a shock, it's just... Oh my gosh, how could this happen?" said Morgan.

Kidder is currently in satisfactory condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.