Apple Crops Strain Storage Facilities

<p>Apple Packing Plant</p>

Apple Packing Plant

One of the state's largest apple crops in years is putting a strain on Yakima Valley storage facilities.

The Yakima Valley Growers and Shipping Association says the state is expected to have a fresh apple crop of more than 120 million boxes this year -- that's 10 million more boxes than last year, and packers in the area are having trouble finding extra warehouse space.

However, one packing company says this isn't the first time large crops have created storage issues.

"Basically, our storage was a little tight for a while. But we have a very capable and efficient crew, so basically you just keep pushing the fruit out there as fast we're bringing more fruit in from the fields. And it hasn't been that much of a struggle," said Soo Choi from the Washington Fruit and Produce Company.

Yakima Valley shippers pack more than 70 percent of the state's fresh apple crop.