Vets Celebrate Memorial Wall's 20th Anniversary

<p>Yakima Vets</p>

Yakima Vets

Dozens of people gather in Yakima this afternoon to honor veterans.

Veterans from the Vietnam Veterans of America celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Korean-Vietnam memorial wall built in Sarg Hubbard Park.

Inscribed on the wall are the names of over 50 local soldiers who died during the Korean War and Vietnam War.

One vet says even after 20 years, the ceremony still attracts a large amount of locals.

"[I'm] deeply, deeply grateful at the support from people. And throughout the year. When they find out that I'm a veteran, often people will thank me for my service, and that really gives one a good feeling," said Samuel Gatlin.

The Vietnam Veterans of America raised over 28 thousand dollars to have the memorial built.