New Delta HS in Jeopardy

<p>Delta High School</p>

Delta High School

The future of a new Delta High School is up in the air tonight, because the Richland School District won't sign an agreement with the other districts by November 30th.

The Pasco, Richland and Kennewick School Districts are teaming up with the Tri-Cities based Stem Foundation to get a new school built for the science, technology, engineering and math school.  To get state funding, the districts all need to sign an agreement committing to the project.

Only Richland has not, because the district is worried about spending money on the project before the state funding is approved.   Stem director Tom Yount says if Richland doesn't sign on, the entire project in jeopardy.   "We're up against it.  We have to decide if we're going to continue plan a and build the school in Richland, or have an alternate plan in Pasco or Kennewick, " says Yount.

The Stem Foundation says Delta needs to be replaced soon, it's 40 years old, overcrowded and has plumbing problems.  The school board president Rick Jansens says the current school is fine for now and it was upgraded 4 years ago.