Funding problems may stop aquatic center project

<p>Regional PFD</p>

Regional PFD

The Tri-Cities Regional Public Facilities district has a new potential location for a regional aquatic center, but funding problems could stop the project.

Board members originally hoped to build the aquatic center at the TRAC, until county commissioners took the facility off the market.

Last night, Pasco's city manager told the PFD the aquatic center could be built at another location between roads 68 and 100.

But if it is built there, the City of Pasco would not be able to kick in $200,000 annually toward operating costs as it would have been able to do at the TRAC.

PFD members say without that money, they may consider pursuing another project, like a Performing Arts Center.

"And the difference, the new project, the Performing Arts Center, has zero operating costs associated with it to the regional PFD. We have to consider that, because we don't want tax payers paying operating costs if we don't have to. We'd rather use the money to get the kind of facility that's good for the community" said Steve Young, Kennewick's mayor.

Regional PFD members hope to have the proposed project finalized within six weeks.

They plan to put a project on the ballot next November.