Police Arrest Suspect After Three Day Manhunt

<p>Jacob Lucey</p>

Jacob Lucey

Yakima police have an inmate in custody, after searching for him for nearly three days.

Police found 29 year old Jacob Lucey at a residence on the 19 hundred block of Roosevelt Avenue this afternoon.

Police say the arrest was made peacefully.

Lucey had been missing for over two weeks, after failing to return from a 24-hour furlough a judge granted him -- lucey claimed his mother was dying and he needed to see her.

Police say they hope this incident will encourage the city to be more cautious when granting inmates furloughs.

"I think that it's important that law enforcement and the judicial folks take a close look at this and use this as a learning experience. And make some necessary changes, or get measures in place so that we don't have this kind of incident happen again," said Captain Rod Light.

Lucey was awaiting sentencing on car theft charges before he was granted the furlough.