WSDOT Warning Seattle-Bound Drivers To Be Prepared For Snow

<p>Interstate 90 near Snoqualmie Pass</p>

Interstate 90 near Snoqualmie Pass

Tomorrow is one of the busiest travel days of the year, and the Washington State Department of Transportation is warning drivers heading to Seattle to be prepared for a possible snow storm over the pass.

Irene Stewart says the possibility of a snow storm is what has kept her so hesitant to travel this week.

"I'm really torn, because I was planning on going to Seattle, and picking up my daughter and my grandson, but there's a threat of all the snow, and the snow storm coming in," said Stewart.

About 150 thousand people are expected to use Snoqualmie Pass this Thanksgiving weekend.

And the looming threat of a snowstorm on the pass has the Department of Transportation reminding people to be prepared for the worst.

"What people should do for the weekend, and in preparation is to make sure they have traction tires that will give them traction in slippery conditions, they carry chains in case they need to put those on, and that they have a full tank of gas," said DOT Communications Lead Mike Westbay.

The DOT says even though people can remember to pack all the necessary equipment for driving in severe weather conditions, the one thing it says people tend to forget the most is to reduce their speed when driving in that kind of weather.

"People really need to get out of the mode of just setting the cruise control and heading over the pass at 70 miles an hour," said Westbay, "They need to shift into winter driving mode, where they drive slower, and they leave more room between them and the cars in front of them."

Irene Stewart won't make her decision until tomorrow morning, but says she still plans on traveling back to the west side some time this holiday season.

"We'll probably be going over the pass on Christmas; we always pray for good weather, but this time of the year, you never know," said Stewart, "I've been up there in some pretty bad weather."

The Department of Transportation has a list of the items every driver should carry in their car when traveling.

To view that list, click here.