Local Businesses Prep For Small Business Saturday

<p>Consignment Shopping</p>

Consignment Shopping

While the big box retailers are full of shoppers today, local business owners are preparing for tomorrow's Small Business Saturday.

We met Anita Thew, who was sorting through clothes at a local consignment store.

She said she was purposely avoiding the mall area this weekend, and spending her money at local businesses.

"Well, personally, I hate the crowds," said Thew, "It doesn't matter where you are. If you're in the bigger stores with the big sales, there's the push to make you buy things you might not want."

Big-box retailers have their plates full with shoppers scrambling to snag the hottest Black Friday deal, but businesses like Lady Godiva's in Yakima, are preparing for tomorrow's crowds as well.

"We've kind of expanded our stock as much as we can, got everything out on the floor, ready to go," said the consignment store owner Lisa Carner, "And we're running a 30 percent off sale on all of our merchandise."

Tomorrow marks Small Business Saturday, an event that encourages holiday shoppers to buy from the brick and mortar businesses that are local.

Local businesses say tomorrow may not be as manic as today, but that makes the experience that much better for the shopper.

"We know our customers, and we can pick out things for people we know they'll like, because we know who they are," said Garden Dance owner Michelle Wyles.

Local business owners tell us tomorrow not only gives people the chance to save big on merchandise they can probably only find in the valley, but also takes money put towards those purchases and keeps it within the community.

"We support all our other local small business, and all our donations go to the YWCA," said Carner, "It's just so important to keep that going and circulating."

Ilce Mendoza is also avoiding the holiday shopping crowds, and says if people are looking for a steal, their first stop should be at a local business.

"I think it's better to help your town, and all the local people here, you know?," said Mendoza, "Instead of driving them out of business."

Last year, over 100 million people nationwide came out to shop at local businesses on Small Business Saturday.