UW-WSU Fans Crowd Bar Room For Apple Cup

<p>UW Fans</p>

UW Fans

<p>WSU Fans</p>

WSU Fans

During the Apple Cup, we stopped by a local sports bar to speak with Husky and Coug fans.

About a hundred people filled Jack-Sons Sports Bar in Yakima to catch the game -- neither side had more supporters than the other.

Fans from both schools and tell us sharing the same room with their rivals is always fun, but can become tense once the competition picks up.

"You don't necessarily show it, but you cheer for your own team, and you have a great time," said Cougar fan Janine Chase, "It's always a good time with everybody here. I think it's better when they're here. If they're not here, you don't get to rub it in their face when you score."

"They can talk crap, but you gotta deal with it," said Husky fan Stephanie Van Dyke, "They're just here for the game, like everybody else. So it's fun. It's all fun and games."

With the Cougars victory today, it looks like Husky fans will have to deal with a lot of that talk until next year.