Locals Businesses Open Doors To Many Shoppers

<p>Local Yakima Businesses</p>

Local Yakima Businesses

Big-box retailers had their stores full of shoppers Friday, and local businesses had their turn the day after.

Saturday marked Small Business Saturday -- it's an event during which shoppers are encouraged to visit locally owned businesses.

Some businesses tell us the crowds weren't as hectic as black Friday, but the amount of business was higher than expected.

"We feel that if we make a little more than usual on a holiday like this, then it is a boon for us," said Discovery Shop manager Dorothy Crosslin, "Because everybody is at the mall."

"We did some extended advertising for the last 3 or 4 days, trying to draw additional customers in, and it's paid off," said Browse 'n Buy owner Dale Lucas, "We've had good traffic and good sales."

Over 100 million people nationwide were expected to shop at local businesses today.