Burning Hay Stinks Up The Valley

<p>Smoldering Hay</p>

Smoldering Hay

Residents across the Yakima Valley are wondering why the air smelled like marijuana yesterday -- today we get to the bottom of the strange smell.

The East Valley Fire Department says tons of hay spontaneously combusted yesterday morning at the Devries Family Farm, near Moxee.

Firefighters say the smell of burning hay can be similiar to the smell of marijuana.

The farm owner, Tom Devries, says between 300 to 400 tons of hay went up in flames.

Devries says the hay will smolder for a few days, but it will not halt operations at his farm.

"Obviously, it's never a good thing when you lose feed," said Devries, "But the fortunate part is it's insured and we should get reimbursed for it. So I don't think it will be too big ofa hardship."

The Yakima Clean Air Agency also issued a stage 2 burn ban this afternoon, due to the stagnant air quality.