9-year-old donates money to Tri-Cities Cancer Center

Danica Lerch

Danica Lerch

A 9-year-old Richland girl wins a writing contest and donates a third of her winnings to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center.

Danica Lerch won $100 for a story she wrote about her mother's battle with breast cancer.

While her mother underwent cancer treatment, Danica and her sister took part in the "Kids Connection" program at the cancer center -- which is a support group for children who have an adult in their lives dealing with cancer.

Danica says she wanted to donate the money because the cancer center helped her mother.

"I thought since this is where my mom got most of her treatments that since the essay was about cancer I'd probably donate some here," she adds.

Elizabeth McLaughlin of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation says, "It's such a generous act that Danica did.  She's such a sweet little girl, it's wonderful her parents have instilled this philanthropy in her and her wanting to give back."

At age 36, Danica's mother found her breast cancer herself.  She has completed her chemotherapy and is currently cancer free.