Selah City Council Votes In Favor Of Utility Tax Increase

<p>Selah City Hall</p>

Selah City Hall

The Selah City Council votes 4 to 2 in favor of raising utility taxes for residents.

That decision was made at last night's public meeting.

The City Administrator suggested the city lower the overall rate of water, sewage and garbage, but raise the tax on it from 6 to 20 percent.

The council told residents raising utility taxes is more reasonable than eliminating up to 8 jobs across the city departments -- and the public seemed to agree.

"They had obviously done their homework, and so it was really productive," said Selah City Administrator David Kelly, "I didn't think it was a hostile place or anything when we decided to raise taxes."

"I'm certainly willing to do my share," said Selah resident Jack Voorhees, "It was a mistake made by previous people. We've got new people that are trying to clean up the messes. So I'm all for them."

The city is currently in a 4 and a half million dollar budget hole after purchasing 23 acres of land to build a community pool 10 years ago -- the pool was never built.