Yakima County Has Lowest Voter Turnout In State

<p>Yakima County Auditor</p>

Yakima County Auditor

All of the Washington ballots from the general election are counted, and Yakima County is at the very bottom of voter turnout.

Yakima County finished last place out of 39 counties, with about 73 percent of registered voters turning in their ballots.

Yakima County Auditor Corky Mattingly says that turnout is down about 6 percent compared to 2008.

Mattingly says the low turnout may be due to some people believing their vote doesn't matter.

"You hear often in this area that the west side has so many more voters that they determine the elections," said Mattingly, "And some people just don't feel it's important for them to turn out to vote."

Benton County had an 82 percent voter turnout, while Franklin County had about 77 percent.