Selah High School Grad Dances On National Television

<p>Wasilewski and Dr. Travis Stork</p>

Wasilewski and Dr. Travis Stork

A 2010 Selah High School graduate made her national tv debut today, teaching a few doctors how to dance.

We caught up with 20 year old Karolyn Wasilewski today, who says she has always been a small town girl.

In March, Wasilewski picked up two stepping with some friends who live near Dallas, Texas.

She would often travel down to the midwest to go dancing with them.

In September, while at dance bar in Texas, Wasilewski and her friends were approached by a camera crew.

"Next thing you know, the doctors are there, asking questions and dancing," said Wasilewski, "I wasn't really going down there expecting to end up on national television."

Wasilewski and her friends were asked to teach the doctors how to two-step.

The Doctors is a daytime talk show featuring a panel which discusses medical issues and health alternatives.

Today's segment promoted the health benefits of dancing

Karolyn's mother says when her daughter isn't spending her free time in Texas, she can be found at their home in Selah, confined to her bedroom, or the living room, practicing her steps.

Something she says has finally paid off after all these months.

"I'm proud of her, I'm very proud of her," said Shirley Wasilewski, "She's very ambitious. So when she finds something that she likes, she tackles it until she perfects it"

As for Karolyn Wasilewski, she says she hopes her fifteen minutes of fame are up, and she can return to being the small-town girl everyone knows.

"Yeah, I wanna keep the small town feel; the girl that did something with her life, and got to do something big about something she's passionate about," said Wasilewski.

She says she plans on taking another dancing trip to Texas in March.