"Promise to Me" Breast Cancer Series

  In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month KVEW-TV is teaming up with Lourdes Health Network to bring you a four part series on breast cancer prevention and treatment.
     First we'll take a look at mammograms, and I have a mammogram, to help show the proceedure, and explain why they are vitally important to a woman's health.
     Next week we'll investigate lifestyle changes to lower your risk of breast cancer.
     We'll also look at new technologys and talk to a breast cancer survivor.
     The series will run every Tuesday this month.
     In addition, we'll keep reminding you about a free Mammogram Clinic at Lourdes Medical Center.  That's happening on Tuesday November 6th at Lourdes Diagnostic Imaging in Pasco.  The address is 7425 Wrigley Drive. To make an appointment call (509) 543-7583