Fire Burns 15 Acres Near Jump Off Joe

<p>Owens Road Fire</p>

Owens Road Fire

A fire Tuesday morning burned about 15 acres of grass and sagebrush a couple miles north of Jump Off Joe in Benton County, crews believe it may have been started by fireworks.

Fire crews from Benton Fire District #1 and #4 responded to the fire on Owens Road south of Highway 397 around 8:15 A.M. Tuesday morning.

Crews were able to contain the fire after about an hour and a half.

Upon arriving at the scene, firefighters located a some fireworks that were close to where they believe the fire started.

Battalion Chief Tom Cole, Benton Fire District #1, said the extended dry weather allowed the fire to start really quickly, but crews were fortunate winds were light so it did not spread too much further.

"If this would have happened in the afternoon when that cold front is expected with 25-30 mile an hour winds," Cole said. "This could have been a much more dangerous situation."

Cole said people need to be more careful about lighting fireworks because it should be known that anywhere in the Tri-Cities area right now is vulnerable to fire.

He said the smoke caused by the fire should not linger for too long because of those high winds that are expected.

Nobody was injured in the fire and there were no structures in the immediate vicinity of the burning.