"Donut Hole" residents turn in signatures for new city

<p>Donut Hole Petitions</p>

Donut Hole Petitions

A big step today for people living in Franklin County's "Donut Hole" - as they get closer to the possibility of creating their own city.

This morning, several residents dropped off a petition with nearly 1,000 signatures to the county auditor's office.

The petition isn't asking for a new city to be created.

Instead, it is asking the county to allow residents in the "Donut Hole" to have the opportunity to vote on whether the area should become a new city.

The residents say they want to have their own city because they don't want to be annexed into the City of Pasco.

"It's amazing what a small group of people can get together and do. Something that we learned in civics, a few people can get together and decide to take destiny into their own hands and decide, yes, we think we can run our own city" said Roger Lenk, who lives in the "Donut Hole".

The Franklin County Auditor's Office started verifying the signatures today.

If enough signatures are verified, a measure could go on a ballot next year.